Our Why

Greyhounds Give was created in effort to provide Connecticut Partnership for Children Inc. with the support needed to help continue their efforts to serve families in Connecticut. As a current senior in high school, I (MacKenzie - Greyhounds Give Coordinator) have spent hours upon hours volunteering for Connecticut Partnership for Children and throughout that volunteerism have been awarded the opportunity to truly see what an incredible impact CTPFC has made on so many families. Although CTPFC is lucky enough to have some extremely loyal donors, I felt the need for more people, throughout the entire state of Connecticut, to see the impact CTPFC is making. 

Greyhounds Give has become a passion of mine as I have watched our community come together through donation to support the families helped by Connecticut Partnership for Children. 

If you're looking to support an incredible organization, please consider making a donation through Greyhounds Give and/or helping us spread our mission through social media. 

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